Introductory tours of Northern Cyprus – the perfect solution for the buyer

Introductory tours of Northern Cyprus are the most important advisory service in the framework of pre-sale services. Even the most detailed descriptions of properties, professional photos and top quality videos, are no substitute for a personal visit to the island and a thorough examination of the property acquired in Northern Cyprus. 

North Cyprus Introductory Tour Programme

As part of a survey tour organized by our company, potential buyers from any country in the world can take the unique opportunity to conduct a personal inspection of the property acquired for:

  • permanent residence
  • buy to let
  • seasonal holidays in Northern Cyprus

In addition, the programme of the introductory tour involves an overview of the regions and beaches of the island, gastronomic traditions and the hospitable atmosphere of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Meeting at the airport, transfer and check-in

After agreeing the date of your arrival, our representatives will meet you at Ercan Airport, which is located in Northern Cyprus or at Larnaca Airport, located in Southern Cyprus, depending on the chosen route of arrival to the island. After meeting at the airport, you will be escorted by our employee to your accommodation in one of the luxury residential complexes, in luxury seafront flats.

Introductory tour of the island

After settling in your guest accommodation and resting from your journey, you will be offered a sightseeing tour of Northern Cyprus, which will be organized by a representative of our company at a time to suit you. During the 3-hour tour you will be shown the most popular areas of the island relevant for the purchase of real estate for permanent residence, holidaying or letting out to tourists.

Inspection of relevant real estate properties

Subsequently, depending on the planned duration of the tour (usually 3-5 days), you will be offered a travel plan for the inspection of properties, which can be agreed and approved with one of our company experts at a convenient time for you.

Making a deposit and signing a purchase contract

After completing the inspection of all real estate properties of interest and making a purchase decision, you will sign the contract, overseen by an experienced lawyer representing your interests. Also at this stage, a you will make a minimum deposit towards the cost of the flat, house or commercial property, with the aim of securing it for you.         

Viewing tour – the most important element of pre-sale service

The practice of sightseeing tours in the sale of resort real estate is actively used in many countries and is the most effective mechanism for pre-sale service.

After receiving the application, our experts individually select flats, houses or other types of property based on the wishes and the estimated budget of the buyer, which allows them to make the familiarization trip to Northern Cyprus as efficient as possible.

Thanks to the expert presentation of information to the potential buyer by our experienced specialists in the industry, most of the inspection visits to the island result in the successful signing of a contract for the purchase of the Mediterranean Dream, due to the following factors:

  • low cost of real estate in Northern Cyprus in comparison with European prices;
  • competent consultation of our experts on real estate in TRNC;
  • favorable ecology of the island;
  • mild Mediterranean climate;
  • the unique natural beauty of the island;
  • the presence of many of ancient and modern architectural monuments;
  • developed entertainment and recreation infrastructure;
  • an important trend for 2020 – the absence of coronavirus and crime in the country.

Do not miss this chance to provide your family with a new quality of life and rest in a heavenly corner of the Eastern Mediterranean!

Types of inspection tours by organizational procedure

Depending on the wishes of the potential buyer and the intended purpose of the acquired property, various options will be offered for organizing inspection tours: by a developer company or a consulting group. Next, we consider in detail the features and differences of the organization of existing types of inspection trips to Northern Cyprus.

Overview of properties from a construction company

If the buyer has decided in advance on the property they want to purchase or at least on the residential complex in which the flat, townhouse or house is located in Northern Cyprus, the trip can be organized by the construction company that owns the property.

With this option, the buyer will be invited to inspect the pre-determined real estate properties or alternative properties can also be viewed, but only if they are in residential complexes owned directly by the developer.

Additionally, with this type of trip, the buyer has preliminary obligations to the developer to acquire the property, who in turn fully covers the cost of the inspection tour, including the cost of air travel.

It is worth noting that this type of inspection tour offers limited opportunity to view flats, villas and houses belonging to other developers, which is a significant drawback in terms of the informational content of the trip and the personal assessment of alternative real estate options for sale offered by other construction companies or private homeowners.

TRNC real estate tour from a consulting agency

In most cases, the potential buyer cannot remotely determine which part of the island, which residential complex and, accordingly, which property they prefer. In this situation, the most obvious way to resolve the issue is an introductory tour of Northern Cyprus, organized by a consulting agency.

The only condition for this option is the requirement for the buyer to purchase their own tickets to Northern Cyprus, while the company takes care of all other expenses, including transfer from the airport and accommodation.

This type of trip is the most productive, thanks to a pre-prepared tour of the popular regions of the island and all available residential complexes. This way, the potential buyer gets an objective overview of ​​the country and its real estate, which allows them to accurately choose the best housing option for them in Northern Cyprus.  

Concept of Introductory Tours of Properties on the Island

After the potential buyer has receive initial consultations and a selection of potential real estate properties, dates are agreed for the inspection tour.

Our qualified specialists are always happy to answer your questions and help with choosing the best routes and airline tickets for your arrival. On average, the duration of the tour is 3-5 days, which can be extended if you are buying several properties or a large commercial property.

Usually the time allotted for the trip is more than enough to introduce guests to the popular regions, the main attractions of the island and for inspection of pre-agreed properties.

From the moment you are met at the airport, in the process of exploring the island accompanied by our staff, you will receive the following detailed information related to the purchase of real estate in Northern Cyprus:

  • administrative division of the island;
  • popular regions of Northern Cyprus;
  • legal aspects of the process of buying and registering real estate in your own name;
  • the process of obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus based on the purchase of real estate.

All employees of our agency are well acquainted with the local historical sights and will be able to professionally carry out the function of being your personal guide to TRNC.

Benefits of an introductory trip to Northern Cyprus

Regardless of the budget for the purchase and the purpose of the acquired property, there is a clear benefit to taking advantage of such an important pre-sale service as an orientation tour.

As practice shows, only a personal visit to the island and careful inspection of the proposed real estate is a convincing and important argument that the Mediterranean home of your dreams is indeed in Northern Cyprus.

Take the first step to buying your dream home in Northern Cyprus right now and book a free inspection tour whichever way suits you!